Wind Retrofit

Wind Retrofit — refurbishment for your onshore wind turbine


REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering wind farms.


Our core business is the remanufacturing of wind turbines of different sizes; a work that we have been doing successfully with good results for the past years. We have several references in Europe and Latin America. We performed the first installation approved by Enel in Italy, using remanufactured turbines (a Nordtank 300 remanufactured to 200kw). Our final product has the same lifespan of a new turbine, comes with a 2 year guarantee and requires a much lower investment.

As good as new

Refurbishment is an viable option for turbines reach its end of life, as the investment needed is only a fraction of the initial purchase price. After thorough refurbishment, a turbine can operate as good as a new one and can last for several more years.
We have different solutions for projects ranging from 80kW to 850kW.
We manage the project from the decision-making of the asset recovery alternatives all the way through the repowering, extension or dismantling and commercialization of parts and equipment, while utilizing the highest environmental safeguards needed during the process.


Retrofitting of grid-connected wind turbines with stall and pitch control technology increases efficiency, reliability and enables compliance with grid code while increasing the operational life of the turbines.

REPOWERLAB can improve the wind turbine production and increase reliability, leading to extended lifetime by using new components and technologies.

The technology used in the first wind turbines did not allow the maximum generation power to be achieved. Instead, today's optimized control and energy conversion systems are essential to achieve maximum production with high generation quality.

REPOWERLAB retrofits old wind turbines with stall and pitch control technology turning them into full load turbines improving their efficiency and reliability, while ensuring compliance with grid code and increasing their operating life.

Advantages of full load (variable speed) wind turbines

- Significant increase in annual production (kWh)

- Increased network code compliance avoiding penalties

- Allows maximum variable speed to be achieved

- Maximum production of reactive energy

- Reduces mechanical stress on the turbine during voltage voids


- Analysis, consulting, engineering, design, and field implementation

- Replacement of existing electrical components (capacitor banks, soft starters, etc.) with full load converter

- Complete check of the generator and measurement of the winding resistances

- Verification of the full load converter and generator assembly

- Integration of the converter into the turbine control system

- Assembly load test Full load converter and generator

- Remote monitoring

- Optional: System Monitoring System (CMS)

- Optional: Web-SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System)

We can adapt our scope to the different projects, from being a simple supplier of turbines, to a full EPC contractor. This flexibility will be very beneficial when collaborating with your company, since we can create good synergies.


Sales of Pre-owned Wind Turbines and Spare Parts.

Used and unused wind turbines

We sell used and never used wind turbines, throughout the world as part of our repowering service. Over the past 15 years, we have established an international network of customers and buyers..

Broker wind turbines

We have a stock of used wind turbines and auxiliary from the repowering of wind farms and unused turbines from the secondary market.

Spare parts and consumables for wind turbines

If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll find it for you!.

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