Repowering onshore wind farms in USA


REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering wind farms.

Repowering onshore wind farms in USA


We help mitigate the carbon footprint of projects, through environmental recovery and circular economy work.

Repowering onshore wind farms in USA

Wind Farms have a useful lifespan of about 20 years, at the end of which operators start facing costly challenges such as high maintenance costs of aging assets, assessment of structural integrity, lifetime extension decision making, and decommissioning of turbines.


Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of the project lifecycle. Independent, transparent, and objective inspections of wind turbines allow project stakeholders and potential buyers of the assets to learn about the current quality of the wind turbines, their maintenance, and performance.

Purchasing & Sales

REPOWERLAB provides Asset Management and Advisory Services to investors in the energy sector. Our understanding of energy in the countries where we are active, combined with our unique Engineering, Accounting, Legal and Advisory skillset are at investors’ service to create value through superior management. Our services provide assurance through timely, accurate and proactive reporting.

Disassembly & Transport

REPOWERLAB has implemented several wind turbine-dismantling projects in different countries. We apply the highest standards in every operation, strictly respect all safety rules, use certified equipment, and follow the guidance of local municipalities.

Refurbishment wind turbines

Our core business is the remanufacturing of wind turbines of different sizes; a work that we have been doing successfully with good results for the past years.

Blade recycling

REPOWERLAB is the leader in the circularity and commercialization of recycling technologies by focusing on three tracks, that are the most technologically advanced and most cost-effective: a) mechanical shredding, b) cement co-processing, and c) reuse of blades for the manufacture of new products (office furniture, urban furniture, structures for the wine industry, etc.).

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About Our Company

REPOWERLAB provides asset management and engineering advisory services to investors and project sponsors in the energy sector. We create innovative circular economy solutions for the wind energy industry. Our state-of-the-art approaches, already implemented around the world, allows clients to increase the value of their project assets and create new sources of revenue at end of the project life.

We specialize in the recovery of the value of wind farm assets. We work along the entire value chain for the repowering of wind farms, from the strategic planning of the project, through the entire process of recovery and dismantling of the asset, to the intermediation of the assets in secondary markets, and the quantification of the economic, social, and environmental value generated. We develop projects and implement solutions from start to finish in "Turnkey” mode.


Sales of Pre-owned Wind Turbines and Spare Parts.

Used and unused wind turbines

We sell used and never used wind turbines, throughout the world as part of our repowering service. Over the past 15 years, we have established an international network of customers and buyers..

Broker wind turbines

We have a stock of used wind turbines and auxiliary from the repowering of wind farms and unused turbines from the secondary market.

Spare parts and consumables for wind turbines

If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll find it for you!.

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