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REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering wind farms.


Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of the project lifecycle. Independent, transparent, and objective inspections of wind turbines allow project stakeholders and potential buyers of the assets to learn about the current quality of the wind turbines, their maintenance, and performance.
We carry out a thorough inspection of all the components of the wind farm and provide recommendations for proper operation, corrective maintenance, parts replacement, lifetime extension or dismantling and decommissioning.
Our inspections reports provide objective and independent information on: [1] The current condition of wind turbines and assets [2] The performance of maintenance and repairs. This helps clients reduce risks, reassure stakeholders, and meet regulations.

Inspection at any stage

Inspections can be carried out at any time before the decommissioning of the wind turbines. Typical milestones requiring inspections include:

- Review of main components of the wind turbine, gearbox, generator, yaw, electrical equipment, control panel, transformer, blades, etc.

- Monitoring project milestones that trigger financial rewards to stakeholders

- Assessing asset performance and condition during operation

- Planning and evaluating maintenance

- Investigating damage

Inspections can cover all components of wind power generation systems including the rotor, nacelle, tower, foundation, and electrical system.

Purchasing Inspection Advise

REPOWERLAB offers wind turbine inspections upon purchase.

Real expertise is of great value when purchasing a turbine. Our engineers provide detailed inspection reports to verify the quality of equipment, identifying any potential manufacturing defects, invisible wear and tear, and vulnerabilities, and assessing the true value of a wind turbine.

ll our inspections are carried out by highly qualified inspection engineers with many years of experience in the wind energy sector. They are fully trained on all relevant safety, measure, and operational requirements, and can work in a wide range of locations and weather conditions, and with different equipment designs.


Sales of Pre-owned Wind Turbines and Spare Parts.

Used and unused wind turbines

We sell used and never used wind turbines, throughout the world as part of our repowering service. Over the past 15 years, we have established an international network of customers and buyers..

Broker wind turbines

We have a stock of used wind turbines and auxiliary from the repowering of wind farms and unused turbines from the secondary market.

Spare parts and consumables for wind turbines

If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll find it for you!.

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