Wind turbines for sale

Sales of Pre-owned Wind Turbines and Spare Parts


REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering wind farms.

Sales of Pre-owned Wind Turbines and Spare Parts

We offer quality assured turbines and rotor blades.
We sell used and never used wind turbines, throughout the world as part of our repowering service. Over the past 15 years, we have established an international network of customers and buyers.

Our services:

- Sales of pre-owned wind turbines from all manufacturers; sales of large components and rotor blades

- Dismantling and heavy goods transport

- Contract negotiation support for buyers and sellers

- Coordination of dismantling, including crane hire

- Loading and shipment of the dismantled equipment to the new site or harbor

- Optional reconditioning of the complete nacelle and rotor blades according to the guidelines and international specifications

- Storage of pre-owned wind turbines until they are shipped to the new site or harbor


Used wind turbines for sale, unused wind turbines secondary market

Our catalogue incorporates two types of energy generation assets: new second-hand assets and used assets.

- New Secondhand Assets: Not installed yet equipment (never used). Usually, it is due to failed projects not implemented for a wide range of different reasons.

- Used Assets: These were installed and have been in operation, but they are currently uninstalled and for sale.

We have a stock of used wind turbines and auxiliary from the repowering of wind farms and unused turbines from the secondary market.

We also offer solar photovoltaic assets using an opportunistic approach with selected stock offers of photovoltaic panels and attached auxiliary equipment.

Spare parts and consumables for wind turbines


Are you looking for an An insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) or diode for the inverter, brake calipers, a pitch cylinder, or any other parts?


We supply all types of components from most brands on the market: Gamesa, Vestas, Made, Ecotecnia and Acciona.


Why pay more for a new part if your component can be repaired at a lower cost with the same quality assurances?


Wide range of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic components and consumables, etc.


REPOWERLAB gives a warranty on all products.


Shipping service to meet your needs.


If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll find it for you!

About us

Powering the green energy economy

Our team has a proven track record of creating value for our clients and management teams. We provide deep value in energy asset value recovery and energy industry knowledge, with decades of experience in developing, financing and operating global energy projects. As a result, we have a nuanced understanding of the evolving business dynamics of the sector and the business and market risks that are emerging from the global energy transition

Our Services

Repowering Wind Farms

REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering solutions including: i) lifetime extension, ii) repowering, and iii) dismantling, commercialization and decommissioning of the site.

Circular Economy

At REPOWERLAB, we are experts in the optimization of the wind farm power industry assets. Thanks to our circular economy solutions, we can face the challenge of obsolescence without compromising the environment. On top of that, assets that can be reused offer an opportunity to companies from other markets.

Project Development

We invest, develop, and operate wind and solar projects to drive the low carbon transition for the long-term benefit of communities and society.

Solutions for recovery value

REPOWERLAB implements circular economy solutions throughout the various stages of the wind farms life cycle, to transform end-of-life equipment and parts into a resource for the production and maintenance of energy plants, with a view to reducing the consumption of raw materials

Used and refurbished Wind Turbines

Our solutions for used or refurbished wind turbines offer a complete solution including turbine supply, transport to site and installation.
Benefit from minimized capital expenditure and take advantage of reduced infrastructure requirements while achieving a lower carbon footprint compared to installing new turbines in your wind energy project.
Repowerlab offers solutions that meet these challenges by using aftermarket, used or remanufactured wind turbines according to our customers' needs. This solution offers highly reliable wind turbines at a lower investment than that required for a new turbine. Backed by RepowerLab's warranty and service offerings, you can maximise your profits and increase the security of your wind energy investment.
Cost-effective solution: Used or refurbished wind turbines offer a significantly reduced initial investment compared to traditional new turbine sales, while maintaining a solid LCOE.
Reduced transport costs: Used or refurbished wind turbines of legacy models provide further cost reductions, as transport and installation are cheaper due to optimised transport concepts

Used and refurbished Wind Turbines available for sale


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Our team has a proven track record of creating value for our clients. We bring deep insight and knowledge of power plant repowering, with decades of experience dismantling, transporting and selling equipment from global energy projects. As a result, we have a nuanced understanding of the evolving business dynamics of the sector and the business and market risks that are emerging from the global energy transition.

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About Our Company

REPOWERLAB provides asset management and engineering advisory services to investors and project sponsors in the energy sector. We create innovative circular economy solutions for the wind energy industry. Our state-of-the-art approaches, already implemented around the world, allows clients to increase the value of their project assets and create new sources of revenue at end of the project life.

We specialize in the recovery of the value of wind farm assets. We work along the entire value chain for the repowering of wind farms, from the strategic planning of the project, through the entire process of recovery and dismantling of the asset, to the intermediation of the assets in secondary markets, and the quantification of the economic, social, and environmental value generated. We develop projects and implement solutions from start to finish in "Turnkey” mode.

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