RepowerLab is dedicated to repowering onshore wind farms in USA


REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering wind farms.

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Repowering onshore wind farms in USA

Wind Repowering Helps Set the Stage for Energy Transition

REPOWERLAB LLC is a spin-off of REPOWERING SOLUTIONS (, created to offer repowering services for wind farms in the USA. Our team has a proven track record of creating value for our clients and management teams. We provide deep value in energy asset value recovery and energy industry knowledge, with decades of experience in developing, financing and operating global energy projects. As a result, we have a nuanced understanding of the evolving business dynamics of the sector and the business and market risks that are emerging from the global energy transition

RepowerLab is the Fullservice Supplier in the field of used wind turbines. We buy and sell turbines and take care of all services required for a professional project.

Our Services

Repowering Wind Farms

REPOWERLAB offers state-of-the-art repowering solutions including: i) lifetime extension, ii) repowering, and iii) dismantling, commercialization and decommissioning of the site.

Circular Economy

At REPOWERLAB, we are experts in the optimization of the wind farm power industry assets. Thanks to our circular economy solutions, we can face the challenge of obsolescence without compromising the environment. On top of that, assets that can be reused offer an opportunity to companies from other markets.

Project Development

We invest, develop, and operate wind and solar projects to drive the low carbon transition for the long-term benefit of communities and society.

Solutions for recovery value

REPOWERLAB implements circular economy solutions throughout the various stages of the wind farms life cycle, to transform end-of-life equipment and parts into a resource for the production and maintenance of energy plants, with a view to reducing the consumption of raw materials

RepowerLab is a company that specializes in circular wind energy

RepowerLab is involved in various aspects of the wind turbine lifecycle.
REPOWERLAB is specialized in wind turbine decommisioning, we can arrange for turbines to be transported from A to B and our specialised team can install the wind turbine worldwide again. Our goal is to offer what the client wants.

Here's a breakdown of the services provided by RepowerLab:

- Buying: RepowerLab purchases pre-owned wind turbines that are no longer in use or are being decommissioned. This allows them to acquire turbines for refurbishment and resale.

- Decommissioning wind turbines: RepowerLab is involved in the decommissioning process of wind turbines. This includes dismantling and removing turbines from their original location.

- Selling: RepowerLab sells pre-owned wind turbines that have been refurbished and brought back to operational condition. These turbines can be purchased by individuals, businesses, or organizations looking to invest in renewable energy.

- Installation: RepowerLab offers installation services for the wind turbines they sell. They can assist in setting up the turbines at the desired location, ensuring proper installation and functionality.

By focusing on the circular economy principles of reuse, repurpose, and recycle, RepowerLab aims to contribute to the sustainability and efficient use of wind energy resources. Their services provide an opportunity for the continued use of wind turbines and the reduction of waste in the renewable energy sector.

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Our team has a proven track record of creating value for our clients. We bring deep insight and knowledge of power plant repowering, with decades of experience dismantling, transporting and selling equipment from global energy projects. As a result, we have a nuanced understanding of the evolving business dynamics of the sector and the business and market risks that are emerging from the global energy transition.

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About Our Company

REPOWERLAB provides asset management and engineering advisory services to investors and project sponsors in the energy sector. We create innovative circular economy solutions for the wind energy industry. Our state-of-the-art approaches, already implemented around the world, allows clients to increase the value of their project assets and create new sources of revenue at end of the project life.

We specialize in the recovery of the value of wind farm assets. We work along the entire value chain for the repowering of wind farms, from the strategic planning of the project, through the entire process of recovery and dismantling of the asset, to the intermediation of the assets in secondary markets, and the quantification of the economic, social, and environmental value generated. We develop projects and implement solutions from start to finish in "Turnkeyā€¯ mode.

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